Welcome to Garden Life Outfitters

Garden Life Outfitters is both a garden center and a studio. We put experience and ideas to the test in our own display gardens.

We find that visitors are  inspired about what is possible in their yard based on what they see in ours. 
Stop by to see our antique barn, stone work, and walking trails
highlighting native plants and also how they compliment our new event venue.

Bob and Helen
Garden Life Outfitters is your home for native plants and other fun stuff. 
We specialize in native plants. You'll be amazed at the diversity and beauty of our plant material and combinations...we're always working on new combinations of perennials, grasses and shrubs keeping our designs fresh and on the front edge of garden design.

Our extensive experience seen in display of tables, benches, walls and patios we've designed and built over many  years. These are meant to inspire.
Our shop contains unique gift and home items, carefully selected from top flight suppliers. Displayed proudly in our antique barn. Come and see what we have...it grows every week.
Ask about our garden and landscape design service
If you are ready for fun plants, products, and people then you are ready for Garden Life. Stop by any time listed on our schedulke above or even other times if you happen to see us  around the property.  Customers are always welcome when we are about. If you'd like to make an appointment for planning your yardscape, plants selection, or even a special event call us.

Bring your questions, requests, and problems to our design center for a simple answer, a special plant, a formal design session, or a full landscaping project.
Garden Life Outfitters displays a large collection including many native  plants that make our yard their home...naturally.

Our collection of shrubs, perennials, grasses, and trees bring natural beauty and color to your events by season.  We show plants that are hardy in our area, that we have experience with over our years of designing and installing landscapes throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. 
We design stone and plants to work together
We offer landscape design, consultation,and construction.  Our work leans heavily toward naturalistic landscapes for both plants and stonework. You can get a taste of this by stopping by,  viewing our portfolio here or on Facebook at Garden Life Outfitters. Of course an in person visit is best. We'd love to show you our special spaces.
Since we are still very much a landscaping and yardscaping business, we can help design your project and, if you like, install it too. Our expertise in landscape design and construction enables us to understand what it takes to achieve success locally. We can share that knowledge with you. You can see some samples of what we do at our barn and yard event space.
The rear view of our antique barn and part of our plant sales area
The place for IDEAS!
The unique style and rustic beauty of our property has attracted people seeking a place for weddings, parties, and meetings of all types.

Click here for photos on our events page for a better idea.
We offer a unique and convenient event venue
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1273 Country Club Rd.
Clarks Summit, PA 18411

3 minutes from Morgan Hwy.
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